Forgive Me

I don’t know how you can help but notice the “Sponsored Links” area off to the left of the posts. This blog has started to take up an awful lot of my time and I’ve been neglecting some of my real work. I’m the boss, so it’s only me that gets hurt. So, I’ve signed on to Google AdSense to see if this blog can generate some income. I’ve asked only for site relevant ads but the first one to pop up was for some auction site that sells household goods like blenders but then Musicians Friend popped up and I guess that makes sense. How dumb can I be-advertising my own competition? ¬†Well, maybe not my direct competition until I start selling strings and pedals and stuff. I’m really not sure this is going to work without making me look way too mercenary. On the other hand, I’m offering free advice and trying hard not to turn this blog into a raging commercial site. I think I’ve been successful at that. I don’t flog the guitars I have for sale and I don’t stick links to my Gbase site everywhere (I think there are 2 of them). So, now that I’m approaching 10,000 unique users, I thought that perhaps I could generate a couple of dollars a month. We’ll test it for a month and see how it does. If it proves incredibly annoying, then I’ll stop. If it doesn’t generate any income, I’ll stop. If you see something you want to click on on your way out of here, by all means, please do so-your only generating income for me and this site. The more I can make here, the more time I can spend doing this. This is a lot more fun than my real job anyway. Thanks for reading and bearing with me for this experiment.

2 Responses to “Forgive Me”

  1. chris says:

    don’t worry about it, you are putting out a good product and a valuable one…i for one have no issues with you trying to make some $$$.

    You’re best bet is probably to find some highly targeted advertisers…the adsense stuff is most likely going to be pocket change

    go for it!

  2. OK Guitars says:

    I earned 85 cents in the first 2 days! I have a feeling this won’t be up for long.

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