How to Be a Better Guitar Player by Helping the Japanese

I write about guitars. It seems somehow trite and maybe a little acquisitive to write about something so wildly expensive that regular folks don’t have the opportunity to play or enjoy the guitars I write about. In the wake of the natural disaster in Japan, it all seems a little self indulgent and trite. I’ve always taken a bit of pride in the fact that I have readers in something like 83 countries. I have 251 readers from Japan and a few of them in the very hard hit city of Sendai. I would like to extend my condolences to all those who lost family members and friends. I would also like to reach out to the guitar community and ask you to please send a donation to one of the many relief organizations that have offered their help and support. I’ve donated 10% of my next guitar sale and hope that you can spare a few bucks for the Japanese people who so desperately need help.  The Japanese are big fans of American vintage guitars and have bought up a lot of the Strats and Mosrites that seem to be so popular there. While Japan has never been much of a hotbed for 335 and 345 collecting, I’ve sold a few there over the past year and have sent emails to each of the buyers to see if there was anything in particular we could do to help. It was a gentleman who bought a 69 Goldtop from me (I told you, they aren’t big 335 collectors) who suggested that I ask the guitar players and collectors to pitch in and help the Japanese people who have been so badly hurt by the earthquake and tsunamis. So, what’s a few hundred bucks when we’re all talking about guitars costing $10,000 or more?I’m sure you can spare a little of it to help. It will make you a much better guitar player. I promise. You won’t sound any better but you’ll be a better guitar player.  I have that on good authority. Really.

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    Charlie…this is one great post. Thanks.

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