Thank You

Thank you to all my readers who reached out to me during this very difficult time for me. Most of you don’t know me and yet you acted like true friends and if that doesn’t speak to the goodness of the human spirit, I don’t know what does.  I’m not a religious person and yet all the folks who prayed for me and my Mom really touched me. Whether there is a God or not, it is clear that there are many on this Earth doing His work and that is a good thing whether it’s for God, Jesus, Mohammed or just because you feel like you can help someone in need.  Goodness is goodness. Human concern and empathy are as good as good works can be.  I’ve already begun my process of moving on and I thank all of you who helped me do so. Life goes on. Tomorrow we’ll look into case candy. Owners manuals, warranty cards, that little teeny screwdriver …all those little things that are in the case when you get the guitar. I recently got a 64 ES 345 that had the whole kit and kaboodle. Even a catalog with prices.

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