Calm After the Storm

This was taken while standing in my driveway looking away from the water. The water got another 6 inches higher after I took the photo.

I know, it’s “calm before the storm”. The wind was unspectacular as was the rain but the tide was a monster out here in Westport. I’ve lived on the water since 1998 and I’ve never seen a tide this high. Anyway, no guitars floated away, although 2 of my neighbors houses almost did. Mine was built at 12 feet above sea level and we “only” got to about 10.8 feet, so I had a foot and change to spare. My neighbor to my left has the same first floor height but the two to the gight are at about 9.5 feet, giving them a foot and a half of seawater in their living rooms. Yikes. I lost electricity, tv and internet until yesterday and I promise to get back to the writing

over the weekend. I’ve got some cool storm photos which I’ll put up later. The water was about 4 and a half feet deep on my street and, being salt water, it killed my lawn and probably most of my roses (I don’t just play guitar-I have other stuff I do). And the mud. There’s this fine silt that is everywhere-especially under the house and in the garage which flooded. The backyard, which faces the water, is a mud flat and there is (are?) debris everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining-not even about hauling all the furniture upstairs. I was right that we didn’t need to but it was close enough that I’m glad we did. No electricity means no loud guitars, right? Not true. My little generator was able to power my hot water, some lights, a little refrigerator and my little Supro Spectator, so there was rock and roll for the neighborhood.

My next door neighbors house wasn't built 12 feet above sea level and his pumping system couldn't keep up with Irene. The water poured in his front door over the sandbags within 10 minutes of when I took this photo

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