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OK, time to beg you folks to comply with some really simple rules. I work pretty hard on this blog and I’m thrilled that I have nearly 30,000 unique readers. Here’s the issue and I’m sure that most of you aren’t the problem. I spend more time deleting spam comments than I do writing. I have a program that gets rid of a lot of it and I can usually spot a registered user who is making up a name and an email. The problem is that some legitimate readers do the same thing because they don’t want their mailbox filled with spam and don’t like putting their names out there. I’ve started eliminating all obvious nonsense names from the user list-nonsense emails too. I’m being pretty loose about this for now but I would ask that if you are a legitimate reader and you enjoy the blog, then please sign up using a non random user name and a fake email address. I know, I’m a commercial site, in part, but I don’t ever use the email addresses from the blog for anything. The only folks who will ever get an email from me are people who have emailed me in the past. So, if you signed up with the user name hiuqsdfviaeryqo and the email address of, then reregister unless you don’t care if I eliminate you from the user list. BTW, I’ve also figured out that most of the spam comes from folks in Eastern Europe and Russia so if you have an email address that ends in .ru or another Eastern European country, then shoot me an email at and let me know you’re legit and I won’t delete you. So, gimme a little break here and try to be who you really are. After all, you all know who I am. OK, next real post will be more interesting. I promise.

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