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OK, this post is pretty self serving, so feel free to ignore it if you aren’t in the market for a 335, 345 or 355. Clearly, I love these guitars but I need to keep the guitar business flourishing, so every once in a while I have to be a little self serving and overtly commercial. On the right side of the main page is a “follow me” button. Feel free to hit it (they like me, they really really like me”).  Here’s a not so well publicized secret–if you’ve ever wanted one of my guitars only to find it was sold in about a nanosecond, you can get a leg up. Just follow me on Twitter. I don’t tweet about what I’m doing (…going out to buy drugs now (yeah, Lipitor)…). I only tweet when I’ve made a deal on a guitar. That means you know its coming before I get it and you can even put a hold on it before I even see it. I can’t guarantee a price until I go through it but if you know it’s something you want, you might as well join the queue before somebody else beats you to it. I also post them on the OK Guitars Facebook page. I’m a bit of a social media Neanderthal but I’m learning as I go.  I’m not the world’s most sociable guy but the idea of being sociable without having to leave the house (or get dressed) is pretty attractive.

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