OK Needs Guitars

Unbound '58 335 Case Queen. This is what I'm after. Just got this unbound beauty and I want more, more, more....

Where’d all the guitars go? Have I sold them all to happy owners who will part with them only when I pry them from their cold dead hands? Seriously, the demand for great old ES’s is pretty strong but the supply is pretty slim. That is, unless you count the overpriced “wishful thinking” pie in the sky, don’t hold your breath guitars that are all over Gbase and Ebay. I mean real guitars that I can buy at prices that allow me to sell them to you for what they’re worth. You know what happens when supply goes down and demand stays the same…prices go up and none of us want to see that happen, do we?  I’d rather sell guitars to you than have you overpay some other dealer who’s trying to recoup his 2008 costs with 2013 dollars.  Bottom line? I need 58-65 ES-335s and I’ll pay you a real world price. You still might do better on the open market but at least with me there’s no BS and no waiting to get paid. Got one under the bed you don’t play anymore? I’ll take it. Saving it for you 10 year old who thinks guitars are dorky? Give it up. Been playing that 335 for the past 20 years and you think that maybe its time for a Firebird or a Les Paul?  I’ll set you up.  What do I have to do? Take to the streets with a wheelbarrow and exhort you to “bring out your ES!!!” If Uncle Fred still has that old red 355 mono in the hall closet, maybe it’s time to let him know that his playing days ended in 1978 and that now would be a good time to take Aunt Sophie on a vacation. Maybe a cruise. I’m sure there are still a few thousand ES 335s, 345’s and 355’s out there that aren’t in the hands of collectors or current players. They’re lurking in closets and attics and, of course, under beds and they aren’t doing a bit of good there. Let’s get ’em out and get ’em back into circulation. Tell Grandma that it’s time to let Grandpa’s old 62 go to a younger player who will cherish it just as much as he did -when he was sober. And that old Fender tweed amp that’s been rusting out in the barn since cousin Lem’s unfortunate accident? I’ll take that too and poor old Lem can make a few bucks all these years later. If you have a guitar that I sold you and you aren’t playing it much, let me know and I’ll buy it back or trade you for something you will play. C’mon, it’s fun.

Hey, Del...You're not using that old double guard 64 anymore, are you? So, it's got a coupla extra holes-I'll still take it off your hands. Hey, I'm a walkin' in the rain...just to get your 335.


4 Responses to “OK Needs Guitars”

  1. RAB says:

    Charlie, great posting and true; turn that unused ES into cash or another git-tar! Still, I will hang onto my ’63 stoptail 355 and ’62 Riviera just a little longer…got a few more gigs to do! Happy New Year y’all!!

  2. rob says:

    Depending on the height of the Fiscal Cliff, you may be inundated with old ES’s. They’re great guitars but make lousy parachutes.

  3. OK Guitars says:

    Actually, over the long run, they are a pretty good parachute. Just not from 2008-2009. Since the bottom fell out of the market, 335s have held up pretty well compared to many vintage models.

  4. RAB says:

    Yes, I think the demand for vintage ES models will always be strong because they are such versatile instruments and look beautiful too!

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