Chip Off the Old Writer’s Block

My son, the writer. He's the one holding the SG. I'm the old guy.

My son, the writer. He’s the one holding the SG. I’m the old guy.

Today I’m not going to write about guitars. I’m going to write about my very talented (and only) son who plays a pretty decent guitar and a very decent piano. But I’m not going to write about music either. I’m going to write about writing. I like to think that I’m a writer who happens to write about guitars. I write about other stuff as well but you don’t get to read it-at least not yet. There is a memoir called “Centerboard” about sailing and growing up in a family of nine boys. There is also a screenplay called “Fine Line” about a consumer product gone terribly wrong (a little like the Gibson Sonex, I suppose).  I may post links to them eventually but I know that most of you are more interested in the subject matter than the writing. Personally, I hope it’s the writing you keep coming back for because I’m going to run out of topics eventually and will have to depend on the writing to keep it interesting (or do reruns). Oh, I forgot. This isn’t about me. This is about my son Mack, who, like most of his generation, lives in Brooklyn. He makes his living mostly in the TV business but he is a writer. And a good one. I’d like to say I taught him all he knows but I didn’t. He had some wonderful teachers both at the high school level at Staples High School in Westport, CT and at Oberlin College. I hope I contributed in some way but it doesn’t matter in any case. He’s got the talent and I’m happy to stand on the sidelines and applaud. Today, Mack had his first short story published. It’s funny, it’s edgy, it’s timely and it’s free so click on the link and read it. You can say you knew his work before he was a best selling author and big shot Hollywood screenwriter. Click here. And thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.

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  1. RAB says:

    Great father and son guitar picture, great axes and nice to “meet” Mack and welcome him to this wonderful blog. I sure enjoy and look forward to it! RAB.

  2. chuckNC says:

    Bravo! Very entertaining, while at the same time thought-provoking. I could say more about the the thoughts it provoked in me, but I’ll just say that this world needs to hear more from sharp young minds like Mack’s. Best wishes for future success to him. And congrats, Charlie. You have every reason to be proud.

  3. Rod Allcock says:

    Excellent. Very much in the nould of Stephen King, which I intend as high praise. Scary. Made me think hard about where we are going. And I bet he plays guitar better than me as well.

  4. Collin says:

    Great story and nice work Mack – congrats!

    Since (and only since) we’re on the subject of writing, can I give you a little suggestion Charlie? Harness the power of the Enter key.

    It seems that you usually present each blog post, ebay listing or gbase listing as one long continuous block of text (or copy), which is very hard for readers to focus on and read through.

    The human eye naturally skims for the first and last sentences in a paragraph, so lots of information is lost in the middle. Add the white text on black background and tiny font and it’s downright painful to follow every sentence sometimes when the blog entry is exceptionally long.

    Definitely not meant as a dig or criticism, just a suggestion. I love this site and don’t want to miss any details!

  5. cgelber says:

    Good point.

    I will start doing that.

    Starting now:)

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