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Amps are at least half of the vintage tone equation. If you have a killer guitar, you need a killer amp. I am partial to Fender tweeds, especially narrow panels and early Marshalls if you have the space and no neighbors. I also like most of the blackface and some early silver face Fenders. If you want something in between, I usually have a few brown face Fenders as well. Other makers like Vox, Gibson, and Selmer show up from time to time as well. No returns on amps.

Everybody loves the 59 Bassman. I prefer the 60. The 59 came with P10R speakers but the 60 usually had the higher rated P10Qs. It makes a difference if you want to crank that bad boy up. This amp is 99% original. All the caps, all the trannies, the handle, all the speakers are original. Only the speaker cones are replaced. If you’ve ever played through 60 year old Jensens, you know why. Hard to find them at this level of originality. I have five to choose from priced from $5000 to $11,500. All have original iron. Three are original tweed (58, 59, 60). Two are not (both 60).

Everybody loses their s**t over the high power Twin but it’s the low power Twin that is the more practical of the two. The tone is very similar but the sweet spot won’t break your windows and send your neighbors running to exits. The tweed and grill cloth are original but the cat appears to have used it for a scratching post. Still, better than a retweed. The trannies are original. The speakers are correct later P12Q’s from 1959. They are date coded, oddly, under the bell, on the magnet. All the caps have been replaced. I hate to see those lovely firecracker caps pulled out but they have been replaced with Sozos which, to my surprise, sound absolutely great. Panel is all there and very clean. handle is a repro. All vintage tubes. This is a monster amp. $12000

Want a Vibroverb but you just can’t see coughing up $5000? This collector grade 1964 (Pre-CBS) Fender Pro is the same amp without the reverb. And half the price (and its pretty close to mint). These are excellent amps for gigging. Reliable and loud enough to tame your drummer. Don’t dismiss a 15″ speaker. They are out of fashion these days but they are awesome (Stevie Ray got it). This one has the optional JBL D130F. These are very efficient speakers and make a loud amp even louder. This amp is all original except for a few capacitors. Comes with a nice cover. $2800

This is a collector grade 65 Deluxe Reverb (Fender Electric)-the Tolex shows little wear and no tears, the grill cloth is perfect, the panel and knobs are clean. The electrolytics have been done as have a few other caps and resistors on the tag board (not the blue Astron tone caps). The transformers are all original and date to 64 and early 65. The original Oxford speaker is tired and has been removed. A re-cone will bring it back but I think Oxfords are crap, so I’ll leave that to you. There is an Eminence Legend in it now but you get both. I have a Fender badged 1965 Jensen P12Q that I’ll be happy to sell you. Most DR’s didn’t get this speaker but they should have. It’s not mint so you don’t have to worry about bringing out to gigs but it’s been very well cared for. Just serviced. The power tubes are new JJ’s. The preamp and driver tubes are all vintage (RCA, GE, Amperex). Footswitch is a repro. Comes with a nice cover. $3200

My favorite of the blackface era, this is a 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb. This one is in excellent condition. It has its original transformers. The filter caps and a few other caps have been done but the blue Astrons are all there. One speaker has been replaced. Both are Jensens but one is date coded 1971. There is a small hole in the back panel that goes nowhere. The original speaker is a 66 C10Q. Original footswitch. Non original cover. $3200

Retweeded 55 Deluxe from Walter Becker’s estate. Walter was a true gearhead. He bought what he liked and kept it. Replaced OT. Speaker is a mid 60’s Vox (Celestion) Silver Alnico. Want a different speaker? I’ve got a vintage Jensen P12Q or a JBL D120F. $3500

Well, this isn’t vintage. What’s a 3 Monkeys “Virgil” doing at OK Guitars? I was told that these limited edition amps were amazing, so I had to buy this one. This was part of Walter Becker’s stage rig for his last Steely Dan tour. 30 watts from 4 6V6 tubes. I’m pretty sure it’s the only one covered in Surf Green. $4500

Stupid clean 66/67 Park 50. This one is transitional -it has a tube rectifier so it’s essentially a black flag JTM50. Knobs are repro. Everything else is original. EL34’s.  $6800 head only.

This is the rare 6G6 Bassman made for only a few months in 1961. The difference between this and the “A” and “B” versions is this is tube rectified. These early ones came with a single 12″ speaker in a tone ring cabinet. Loud and fat. Not so great for bass, IMO, but a killer guitar amp. All original iron and caps. Speaker is probably original Oxford. $3200

**HOLD**In 2003-4 they made a limited run of 300 of the offset JTM 45. Hand wired, of course, and paired with four G12 alnicos that are amazing. I can’t believe Celestion hasn’t reissued this speaker. A great amp, especially if you can’t shell out $12K or more for an original. $4500

Bandmaster not loud enough? The tweed Bassman has twice the wattage and a lot more headroom if you need to play clean. The 5F6-A Bassman is generally considered the best guitar amp design ever. This one is a 59 is all original except for a few caps and the handle. The speakers are original but may have been re-coned decades ago-hard to tell for sure. $10,000

69 Drip Edge Twin Reverb. Just serviced-new filter, bias and coupling caps. Still has its original Oxfords. Not my favorite speaker-I'd put in a couple of JBLs or Celestion Golds. Beat up but who cares.I t's cheap at $1300

69 Drip Edge Twin Reverb. Just serviced-new filter, bias and coupling caps. Still has its original Oxfords. Not my favorite speaker-I’d put in a couple of JBLs or Celestion Golds. Beat up but who cares. It’s cheap at $1200

Rarest of the production Fenders. This is the 6G9 Tremolux that they made for about a minute in 1961. The only Fender amp made with EL-84 tubes until the modern era. It still sounds like a Fender but at 20 watts or so, it's a very useful amp with lots of chime and brightness. Oh, and there are only a few hundred of them. $6500

Rarest of the production Fenders. This is the 6G9 Tremolux that they made for about a minute in 1961. The only Fender amp made with EL-84 tubes until the modern era. It still sounds like a Fender but at 20 watts or so, it’s a very useful amp with lots of chime and brightness. Oh, and there are only a few hundred of them. $6000

I am no longer listing parts individually. I have tons-nearly everything you could need for 50’s and 60’s ES models and some arch top parts as well. If you need something just email me and ask if I have it. Keep in mind that real vintage parts can be stupid money. I don’t set the market prices-the market does. There are lots of great repro parts out there, so check those out before you spend $250 on a switch tip (or $1300 on a pick guard). I almost always have 50’s and 60’s tuners, bridges and PAFs available. Some pick guards, truss covers and knobs.

If you need something, just send me an email at or call 203 858 0098.

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  1. I just like the valuable info you supply in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test again here regularly. I am fairly certain I’ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  2. RAB says:

    Wow, I’ll bet that Tremolux sounded great…the blonde and brown era Fenders are wonderful and under appreciated, overshadowed by the blackfaces.

  3. OK Guitars says:

    It sounded great but it didn’t sound much like a Fender. Brighter, chimier and more touch sensitive than the usual blonde. I’m sure the EL-84 tubes had everything to do with that. It’s the only Fender amp ever to use them -and not for long. It also wasn’t very loud. Perhaps 15-18 watts. That’s all you get out of a pair of EL-84s. The stock speaker was a piece of crap (Oxford) but it sounded a lot better with a vintage Jensen P10Q.

  4. rob says:

    Years ago I had a Deluxe that sort of looked like the one you sold handed down to me by my father after he bought a new Twin Reverb. I flew and drove from coast to coast several times with that amp and finally sold it in the late ’80’s. While living in San Diego in ’73, the original handle broke and a friend who was a veteran tuna boat fisherman made a special seaman’s rope work handle that was on it when I sold it. Hopefully, its still on there so if anyone sees it, tell it “Hi” and that I miss it.

  5. OK Guitars says:

    Nothing like a tweed Deluxe. I’ve had my “beater” 55 small box for years (and I don’t keep anything that long). I’m sure yours is still out there somewhere. The only thing my father ever handed down to me was a humongous Mercury Marquis that got about 6 miles to the gallon.

  6. Tim Joyce says:


    How do I purchase some of your items? Do you have an email or phone #?

    Thanks Tim

  7. cgelber says:

    Phone 203 858 0098. Email is

  8. rod says:

    do you have the complete electrics for a 335 moog Gibson artist? and how much
    Regards Rod

  9. cgelber says:

    I don’t but you see them on Ebay once in a while.

  10. Dave says:

    Do you know the month when the 65 cts wire harness was
    made, and the price for it. Thanks dg

  11. cgelber says:

    I will check it and get back to you.

  12. Bob Bottomnley says:

    What is the cost of one of your Bigsby B7 Aluminum 1960-1969 Vibratos.
    Do any of them have a 3 hole hinge plate.? Wanted for a 1968 Les Paul Gold top.
    Love your site.

  13. cgelber says:

    email sent

  14. Don Butler says:

    Hi! How much are you asking for the `63 335 Wiring harness?
    Regards; Don Butler

  15. P.Smits says:

    ES-335 pickguards 1961-1964 (3 available)
    i’m interrested.
    I have a 1980 ES335TD
    what’s the price?

  16. cgelber says:

    You wouldn’t put a 61-64 guard on an 80. It most likely won’t fit and they are different than the later ones (bevel edge is different). You can get a vintage correct one for your ’80 for around $75. Why spend $300+ for one that’s wrong?

  17. frankm says:

    I know it’s small but I need the closed (on one side) hex nut for the pickguard on my 335. Any idea where I can get one? Thanks

  18. frankm says:

    I know it’s small but I need the closed (on one side) hex nut for the pickguard on my ES-335. Any idea where I can get one? Thanks

  19. frankm says:

    Sorry for duplicate comment. I didn’t think the first one got posted.

  20. cgelber says:

    Tough part to get. I don’t have any. There is a guy on Ebay with repros but he wants a lot for them and won’t sell just the nut.I’ve used the nut from a trapeze tailpiece as a substitute.

  21. Frankm says:


  22. Andrew says:

    Hi. Your 61 nickel paf cover pair, is it just a pair of covers of a pair of nickel covered pafs? Secondly,if you still have them (assuming its two pafs) whats the price and will you ship to the Uk? Thanks

  23. cgelber says:

    I have a pair of sealed nickel cover PAFs. Price is $5500. I can ship to UK.

  24. Paul says:

    Hi Charlie.

    Do you still have the 355 pickguard for sale?

  25. Eddie says:

    Looking for a pair of ’63 Nickel Pat # covers for my 1963 Block Inlay 335, would you happen to have a pair? Evidently it had a PAF originally in the neck position because when I bought it someone had installed a T-Top (I can only assume that’s what happened)


  26. cgelber says:

    I have no covers at all available. I have one PAF with a nickel cover (never unsoldered). email me if you’re interested.

  27. RAB says:

    Eddie, yes, my early 1963 335 is stock with a PAF in the neck and early patent# in the bridge…fairly common to see that on ’63 humbucker-equipped Gibsons…

  28. Bernard Parent says:

    Hi Charles,
    I’m looking for a tailpiece that would fit an ES 125 T, same type as es 330 TP I guess. How much should I spend ?
    Thanks for taking Care ,Bernard.

  29. cgelber says:

    Probably $110-$130. I don’t have one at the moment

  30. Bernard Parent says:

    Thanx for the info Charles, hope your site will last as long as me!!!!

  31. Brnard Parent says:

    Hello Charles,

    Do you have by any chance a late 40’s early 50’s wiring harness ,for archtop or ES150 type of guitar. An original capacitor would be appreciatd but I can do without it.
    Best regards , Bernard

  32. cgelber says:

    I’m sorry, I do not. Earliest harness I have is a 59.

  33. Jason Stewart says:

    Hi Charles,

    I am looking for some period correct tuners for my 66 ES-335. To replace the crappy repo’s I have on there now.

    Do you have any? Or, suggestions of where I can find some?

    Thanks, Jason

  34. okguitars says:

    email sent

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