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This is the home of OK Guitars in Kent, CT. Yes, it's an old train car.

This is the home of OK Guitars in Kent, CT. Yes, it’s an old train car.

All of the guitars in the “For Sale” section are in my possession unless I mention otherwise. They are not all my guitars. Some may be consignments. All of them have been set up by me and played by me to make certain they are everything I say they are. You are entitled to a 48 hour approval period. Buyer pays return shipping and will be charged for the initial shipping if it was free if the guitar is as described. If you just don’t “bond” with it, that’s a legitimate reason to return it but you will be responsible for its safe return to me. It must be shipped back by the same method you received it and must be fully insured.  All parts are photographed before shipping and parts that are missing or changed on a guitar that has been returned will be charged to the buyer. It’s not pretty but it happens. Fortunately, it rarely happens. You can also find me on Gbase and My dealer name is OK Guitars. You can pay using Paypal, credit card, check, cash and bank wire. I will hold any guitar as a courtesy for 24 hours without a deposit. Just call or email me and let me know you’re interested. This isn’t the entire inventory. Check Gbase for more guitars. Amps and parts are on a separate page on this site. Always check Gbase-I usually update that first when I get something new and there are more photos.

All original 1957 Gibson Les Paul goldtop. Some 57’s had hum buckers, some had P90’s. One of the last of the P90 GT’s. Original case. $44,000

1951 Fender “Nocaster”. This is the predecessor of the Telecaster. Rare and very cool guitar. Great player in very good condition for a guitar that’s older than I am. All original including the thermometer case. $72,000

A little too nice to be a player grade and a little to worn to be a collector grade. This 63 stop tail falls somewhere in between. All original except the frets but it has some touchup around the neck join. That tells me either a re-set or simply a re-glue. No breaks. Moderate player wear to the fingerboard and neck but the replacement frets are good. Plays great and sounds excellent as well. You know what they say about the good ones Priced well under market for a big neck 63 at $15500.

Didja know that all Epiphone Sheratons made from 59 to 68 or so were made by Gibson in the same factory by the same workers that made all those 335’s that cost so much money these days. This is a very transitional 61 in near mint condition. Pat # mini hum buckers. Medium neck and all original including the frets. This is the approximate equivalent of a mono ES-355. Priced a blonde 355 lately? Can’t find one? No surprise. There are only there of four known and if you find one it will run to 6 figures (and it will have a BIgsby). I also have a 62 that is just about identical. Buy this for $25K and be happy.

1960 blonde 345. These never seem to come up for sale because there aren’t very many of them. They only made 32 in 1959 and just 18 in 1960. Don’t snooze-I don’t see more than one every two or three years. All original, although one tuner is changed and the original needs a tip and is in the case. There is some light damage to the finish under the bass side tuners. $50,000

Here’s a 1960 Esquire Custom. Not just a one pickup Telecaster, an Esquire allows the pickup output to bypass all processing (meaning the tone control) and go straight to the amp for a bit more oomph. These are monster guitars. $23900

I’m not a Les Paul guy but I might have been if I played this one a few decades ago. Les Pauls are too heavy for me but not this one. At 7 lbs 14 ounces, it’s only slightly heavier than my main player 345. This is a 2011 R9 aged by Tom Murphy (but not too much). Pickups are changed to Throbaks and it’s a big improvement if you ask me. $5900

You don’t see a blonde for two years and bang, you get three in the same month. This is a late 59 with a medium neck profile, sealed PAFs and great tone. It has had a couple of different tailpieces so there are a few extra holes in the top. It’s priced in. 59 blondes have become the unicorns of the 335 world. $55,000

1961 SG/Les Paul. Sealed PAFs, totally solid neck join, all original except for the saddles. Original rare brown with pink case. Great player. $12500

If your name is Don Gillespie, your in luck. This guitar literally has your name on it. It’s a clean 61 ES-345 converted to 335 spec. Original harness in the case. Had a B3 Bigsby so no holes in the top. All original except for the tailpiece which is later 60’s. PAFs, of course. You can always change your name or change the pick guard. $13500

Mid 60 ES-335 with the same neck as a late 59. In fact, the pot codes are late 59 and it has bumblebee caps which were mostly gone by 60. The best news? It’s priced like a 60. Some issues: Grovers but no extra holes. PAFs (sealed). Excellent player. $25000

Candy Apple Red Stratocaster from 1964. Transition logo, green guard, clay dots. It is in excellent plus condition with just a few small chips in the paint. Super flames neck and a wonderful player. $28,000

When did 59’s get so hard to find? This clean mid year has a big neck, PAFs and is all original except for a stunningly good fret job by Norio Imai-The best fret guy in New York. Original tuners re-tipped. Great player. $38000

These are rare. The EB-6 is, essentially, an EB-2 with a PAF in place of the “mud bucker” and 6 strings rather than 4. I think they made 67 of these from 60-61. $10,500

How is it I’ve been selling 335’s for all these years and never had an EB-2? It is, after, a 335 is a bass costume. It’s got that big, bad mud bucker that sounds like no other pickup on earth (or any other planet). This is a 59 and is all original except for three tuner tips. $5500.

I always thought Telecasters were kind of ugly but a bound Tele Custom is actually a pretty nice looking design. And a great player. This had a Bigsby at one time but there are no visible holes in the top (B16). CBS didn’t mess with Teles very much until the 70’s. Lucky for us. $12750

52 Telecaster. I’ve had two well known experts look at the finish. One says original, one thinks overspray. I’ve priced it as a refinished guitar. The neck pickup has been out and back in and the wires extended slightly. Great player. Modern tweed case. $19500

1958 J160-E. Like Lennons only older by a few years. All original except for the tuners. Lots of checking and character. Lots of wear but plays and sounds super. $3200

1956 J160-E. Like Lennons only older by a few years. All original except for the tuners. Lots of checking and character. Lots of wear but plays and sounds super. $3200

72 Responses to “For Sale”

  1. Dave says:

    You are a sweetheart for taking the time to respond to my post, especially so thoughtfully. Maybe there is a way for us to do business together. You have some beautiful guitars, and I realize I’d have to spend more, but with you my gut tells me it would be worth the additional investment. Maybe 64 isn’t right after all. Not sure how far Kent is from Wesrchester, NY, which is where I am, but if feasible a visit to your shop or at least a phone call would seem to make a lot of sense. Thank you again for your gracious assistance. – Dave

  2. cgelber says:

    Depending on where you are in Westchester, it’s around an hour drive. I-684 to Rt 22 to Rt 55 to Rt 7.

  3. Hey, I stumbled in your website looking for ES-335 dimensions but I didn’t find what I was looking for.

    On one hand, I have to admit that since this is a free country anyone can do anything they please as long as they are not breaking the law, of course. Still, I can’t help making a comment that asking $22,000 for an electric guitar with wear markings, scratches, possibly some replaced parts and even a part of the pick guard broken (but still in the case, ha-ha) is -basically- what’s fundamentally wrong with how America has changed (nfor the worse) during the past few decades.

    I always thought the vintage market is full of (you know what). It’s mostly hype and very little essence. This site is yet another example positively reinforcing my belief that I am on the right path. I always though Gibson guitars were nicely made but still way overpriced. Now that I saw your prices, well, I had to reconsider.

    Nevertheless, I wish you do well with your business, still I’m glad I’ll never be your customer.


  4. cgelber says:

    Bought a house lately?

  5. David from OZ says:

    Hi Charlie, David from OZ here. Thanks for all your kind help and expertise regarding my new toy which arrived today. It has been a great pleasure to deal with you and I should think we will do so again in the not to distant future. Kind regards, David.

  6. Jerry says:

    Hi Charlie! Thanks for your help with the 64 Cherry 335. Every time I play it I’m blown away by the tone from those patent #s. This guitar has a bit of that “magic”.

    Do the nut widths vary within that year? Mine is 1 5/8″, but I have found it to be comfortable after I play it for a few minutes. I think my muscle memory must be set to 1 11/16″ or so and it is amazing to me that I can even feel that sixteenth.

    Jerry in Florida

  7. doug says:

    Hey Charley,

    Thank you for responding to my query last night regarding the “58” 335 on Reverb. Not one of your listings.

    I feel like a dillweed that I did not see the “reissue” in the description. Then again – I think some sellers attempt to play that down.
    – Doug Clavell, Roseburg, OR

  8. cgelber says:

    Don’t feel bad. I miss stuff like that all the time.

  9. twotonemikeswoyer says:

    You have beautiful 335s. I would love one .I am to poor

  10. cgelber says:

    That’s the reason I have them now that I’m old. I was too poor too buy one in the 60’s. If I could have afforded one back then, I might not have so many now.

  11. Mike says:

    Love that Lentz!

  12. Woody says:

    i would like to get an ES 345 for about 5 k or 6 i play blues guitar and my own fok rock sort of thing im 64 i like used stuff playing 37 years

  13. cgelber says:

    Look for one from 66-68. Anything earlier will be beyond your budget unless it has some issues.

  14. Yotam Okon says:

    is the 61 es335 player grade still available?

  15. cgelber says:

    Yes, I still have it.

  16. bigbang3 says:

    regarding the 61 gretsch, I would have to say the 58 & 59 are the magic years for the 6120, That said, every guitar has to be judged on it’s own merits and it could well be that the 61 shown here is just such a guitar. Some people can’t live without the full thickness body, theres like the thinner style. At any rate I think the one shown is a bargain. As much as I love the ES Series I would argue that the early Filtertrons are some of the finest sounding pickups ever to grace a guitar.

  17. cgelber says:

    I don’t think there are any “magic” years for any guitar. Everybody thinks 59 is the pinnacle for 335’s but I’ve played average 59’s and stunningly good 65’s. I don’t play enough 6120’s to know much but the 61 I had was the best I’ve ever played. Perhaps if I had the opportunity to play more of them, I would agree with you but I can only write what I know.

  18. Aurelien Recco says:

    Hello what is the price for the 335 58 (bending neck ?)
    Are you interrested by a trade ? Thanks

  19. okguitars says:

    Send me an email at Trades are welcome if they are vintage.

  20. Jim Bonacum says:

    I came across your website and I was hoping that you might be willing to offer an opinion as you seem to have a good deal of expertise about ES guitars. I have been thinking about buying one. Actually that isn’t quite true. I want to buy one but I am going to have to convince my wife we can afford it! If I had the money I would obviously want a vintage model but they are way out of my price range. I have been poking around on the internet and I have seen a few that look interesting and affordable. One in particular was made in 2005 while another one was made in 2015. Given all of the troubles Gibson has been having would you recommend avoiding instruments from this era? Or in your opinion are they reasonably good quality? Oh, and unfortunately I live in small town USA and there isn’t a reasonable guitar store within 100 miles so it is kind of hard to shop or get a chance to see a new one. For what it is worth my price range is under $3000 so I don’t have a lot to work with.
    Thanks for any advice you would be kind enough to share.

  21. okguitars says:

    I would recommend either a 2000-2009 Nashville built Historic or a very recent 2014-2018 Memphis built reissue. They can be all over the place so buy something with a return policy.

  22. David Coe says:

    Great website – obviously a labor of love.

    Learn something new about the 335 family every time I visit.

    Keep up the quality work in 2019!

    Many thanks

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