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By adding a comment with a photo, you can put your 335 or other Gibson on this page. This is a new feature and, as long as no one abuses it, it will become permanent. Please, no selfies or porn. Just guitars.


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  1. RAB says:

    Cool peghead shot. My ’62 Riv has the same inlays…

  2. JS says:

    I wish it was plain, without the inlay, like the Casino.
    That’s what I call the First World problems. 🙂

  3. RAB says:

    A little ebony gloss touchup paint will take care of that! Ha, ha!

  4. JS says:

    That would not look right. 🙂

  5. RAB says:

    Or put on a Hare Krishna sticker like Clapton did on his ’64 335!

  6. RAB says:

    At what height do you set your Strat pickups? Simon Law (of SVL guitars) recommended 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm below the low E string for bridge, middle and neck pickups respectively. Measured between the bottom of the string to the top of the polepiece when fretting the low E string at the last fret. The pickups look very low to my eyes but do sound good for nice, full chords! Just gotta turn the amp up!

  7. RAB says:

    Been trying/going thru a lot of overdrive pedals recently. Liking the Fulltone OCD version 1 and just ordered a version 2. Anyone tried one? I run the OD thru 1964 Blackface combos and Bassman (tuxedo head into a custom 1X15″ cab) set for clean rhythm sounds…sometimes drag out my ’61 brown Deluxe too!

  8. RAB says:

    Been trying a bunch of the Hao (Japanese boutique brand) pedals…fantastic build quality. Got their Soul Pressure OD arriving next week…

  9. RAB says:

    Didn’t like the HAO pedals though I did use one of their Rumble Mod pedals years ago…now trying the Xotic AC and BB pedals. Anyone have any experience with those? I want a nice, rich sounding OD with a bit of compression. So many ODs these days have lots of gain but are too raspy sounding!

  10. RAB says:

    After going thru over a dozen OD pedals of various types my old, early issue Barber Direct Drive is still my go to pedal! Trying a non-MOSFET Fulltone Fulldrive 2 next, will advise!

  11. RAB says:

    Update! After going thru a dozen or more OD pedals I am still back to my early issue Barber Direct Drive! Found nothing better so far including original Klon…

  12. RAB says:

    What’s y’all’s favorite overdrive pedal?

  13. RAB says:

    Will get back on the Gibson guitar track soon, posting my ‘59 Flying V. OK, its a 2001 reissue but Korina with cool mods and aging by Terry Mueller and Dave Johnson!

  14. RAB says:

    Better photos soon…

  15. RAB says:

    Some more pix. And of the near mint ’62 Vibrolux I scored at the same time. Sounds bad ass y’all!

  16. RAB says:

    Headstock shot!

  17. RAB says:

    What do y’all think of my new toys?

  18. RAB says:

    Anyone else a V, Explorer, Moderne or Futura player?

  19. RAB says:

    Must be some Korina Love out there somewhere?! :>}

  20. davek says:

    Never had a Korina but that’s fine looking V RAB

  21. RAB says:

    Thanks! I gigged the V tonight thru my ‘62 Fender Vibrolux in a big hall and it sounded great! Love those Throbak pickups! The Vibrolux is all stock other than a Celestion Alnico Gold speaker…

  22. Ken says:

    My Gibson ES 330 early 1960 with 59 spec and the bigger neck profile.
    I want to trade/buy a nice vintage Gibson ES 335 in cherry red.

    Thanks for a nice website about the lovely ES guitars!

  23. Frank says:

    2017 Memphis Flamed Top 335

  24. RAB says:

    Looks great! Cool finish in addition to the flame grain top!

  25. Gary says:

    Nice site, thanks for your effort. I notice that other close 335 derivatives like the 333, 347 etc. and even less closely related like the 330 are not mentioned.

  26. okguitars says:

    I’ve covered most of them in individual posts but my area of expertise really kind of ends at the beginning of the Norlin Era (1969)
    Those guitars are all post 1969 except the 330 which I’ve covered to a lesser extent. Also, the 330 is very different than a 335/345/355.
    Really, only the shape is the same (and the wiring diagram).

  27. Steve Newman says:

    RAB, here’s one for you. By all indications, a factory installed stoptail on a sunburst 1963 Epi Riviera. No holes except the strap button on the lower rim. Factory finish covering the tops of the stud collars. Correct ground wire. All nickel parts, plus PAF stickers on the unopened mini hums. Originally came from Indiana from a mom and pop music store that no longer exists. Now lives in Memphis, TN. Still property of the original owner. Never seen another like it….you? Sorry, picture won’t load (n0t in JPEG format). PM me and I will get you the pic.

  28. RAB says:

    Steve, wow, thanks for sharing! A rare bird for sure, never seen or even heard of another stop tail Riviera or Sheraton! Yes, it’d be hard to hide any Frequensator or Bigsby shadows and holes if the stop tail wasn’t factory! Very possible this is a legit factory special order! Best, RAB

  29. Steve Newman says:

    RAB, this Riv was purchased off the shelf from a retail dealer; the owner did not custom order it. Perhaps it WAS ordered from the factory by another individual, who subsequently backed out of the deal, and the store was left with a custom order instrument that they simply put into inventory…..??

  30. RAB says:

    Steve, yes, very possible! There’s only one thing seriously wrong with this Riviera! That it isn’t mine! RAB

  31. Ollie says:

    Hey everyone, I recently got hold of this ’77 Antoria Red devil custom, same as the I anez 2457 copy, to replace my ’66 355 for gigs. (Or at least ones where I don’t know or trust the venue yet) Absolutely fantastic guitar. Has had the typical 70’s brass nut and dimarzios put in it but really is a bit special. Especially considering it cost me about 10% of the Gibson. Anyone else played these or had any experience of them?

  32. RAB says:

    No experience but looks nice!

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