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By adding a comment with a photo, you can put your 335 or other Gibson on this page. This is a new feature and, as long as no one abuses it, it will become permanent. Please, no selfies or porn. Just guitars.


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  1. RAB says:

    Must be other reissue Fender fans out there! Bring bolt-together fiddles a reissue Fender is closer to an original Fender. Kalamazoo offerings involved more complex craftsmanship and luthier expertise. I recently drove 200 miles to look at a real ’59 hardtail Strat. I returned empty handed because my reissue played and sounded better! So I saved myself 20 large!

  2. RAB says:

    Meant to say “being” bolt-together fiddles…

  3. RAB says:

    I gig my reissues more than my vintage guitars these days. They play well, sound good, are light weight and I don’t worry about them getting dented or scratched in tight venues! I do bring out the vintage fiddles for our premium gigs in more favorable/controlled locations…

  4. Dave K says:

    La La Land!

    Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to complete my personal 335 holy grail. Red stop tail 64 and blonde stop tail 59.

    I”ve put the 64 up before – bought for loose change in 89, it shipped a week after Clapton’s. Main gigging guitar for years but sadly now doesn’t get out much. Two changed pots and enlarged tuner holes – the original Klusons came with it so put them back with conversion bushings. To steal Charlie’s neat phase ‘things I don’t care about’!

    Cleared out the piggy bank last yearl for the minty blonde. Just 59 A321** with transition neck and mint except slight marks on the back where it was rested on a curly lead. Clapton had a blonde 59 for a bit as a spare but apparently never took to it and it sold in one of his crossroads auctions (for what seems cheap now!). I discovered that his blonde was also shipped a week before mine just like the red 64. Guess this is the kind of nonsense that excites us 335 nuts.


  5. RAB says:

    Gorgeous fiddles! Congrats! Years ago I had a blonde ’59 335 with a heavily figured, tiger stripe top. Reportedly belonged to Elvin Bishop at one point. My current 335 is an early sunburst ’63 with a PAF in the neck, early PAT# in the bridge. Sounds good too! I also have a ’62 Epi Riviera, Royal Tan finish that I gig a lot…fabulous tone from the stickered mini PAF pickups!

  6. Dave K says:

    Thanks RAB. I think your Riviera is a seriously cool guitar with that colour and the tailpiece. I’d be seriously tempted if I ever saw one in the UK. Would love to hear it played full on!!

  7. RAB says:

    Dave, yes, a vintage Riviera is a highly recommended tonal enhancement to your fiddle stable! While the short head stock models are preferred they are exceptionally hard to find (Kalamazoo only made about 40 Rivieras per year for 1962-63). A long head stock ’64 or ’65 would be acceptable too!

  8. RAB says:

    Here’s another photo of my ’62 Riviera E-360TD

  9. RAB says:


  10. RAB says:

    Same PAF stickers as on a full sized ‘bucker!

  11. RAB says:

    Any vintage Epi fans out there?!

  12. RAB says:

    Anyone have any short headstock Epi thinline model?

  13. RAB says:

    Let’s hear from ya if you own a Sheraton or Riviera, heck, even a Sorrento or Windsor!

  14. Gulas says:

    ’62 (left) and ’63 (right) Epiphone Professional. Both have the mini-PAF.
    Bought by me and my friend at the same time.

  15. Petetr Walters says:

    Hi. Here’s a picture of my guitar. Looks, plays and sounds an awful lot like a Gibson. But it ain’t. About $1,600 CDN into it.

  16. RAB says:

    Must be somebody out there with a vintage Epi to share? :>)

  17. cgelber says:

    Epiphones can be really excellent but if I had $1600 to spend, I’d buy a 335 from the early 80’s. You can find them in that price range if you’re patient (and lucky). With Epiphones, my advice is play it first, then buy it.

  18. cgelber says:

    Cool. Very rare but not every popular. Interesting concept but it didn’t catch on.

  19. JS says:

    ’62 from the picture above. Shot with Zenit-E

  20. JS says:

    The same ’62.

  21. JS says:

    The same ’62, shot with Minolta SR-T 101.

  22. JS says:

    And one more, also shot with Minolta SR-T 101.

  23. RAB says:

    Thanks for sharing those quirky Epi Professionals! I could never understand why they weren’t offered in a two pickup version. Just a couple more controls on an already loaded git-tar!

  24. JS says:

    I for one don’t mind. I’m on the neck pickup practically all the time anyway.

  25. RAB says:

    I hear you! I only used the neck pup on my ’62 Riviera (stickered mini-PAFs doncha know!) on our band’s last recording. Robben Ford similarly only used the neck pup on his circa ’66 Riv on his Blues album. However, live I find the 3 pickup selections on my Riv to be very usable! :>)

  26. JS says:

    Yeah, that’s the same pickup as in my ’62 Professional.

  27. RAB says:

    Wonderful and under-appreciated pups! I love the primative and crude cutout they made in the base plate to allow the connector wire to protrude through!

  28. RAB says:

    Nuther subject. What gauge strings are y’all running on your guitars? I’ve been using Pyramid nickel 10-46s for years. However they have been feeling very rubber band-like recently (I’ve been playing more so my hands are stronger) and I am thinking of switching to a 11-48 set. This’d be for my Gibson/Epiphones and Fenders…comments?

  29. RAB says:

    Gonna try a Pyramid 11-48 set on the Strat. I am the only chordal instrument in the band and I spend most of the gig chunking out rhythm stuff…

  30. JS says:

    11 Flatwound Thomastik Infeld usually.
    13 Flatwound Thomastik Infeld at the moment.

  31. RAB says:

    Cool! I guess SRV used 13-52 but tuned down 1/2 a step.

  32. Rob says:

    SRV reportedly used humongous frets so it was almost like he was playing a scalloped board. Long ago I scalloped a Strat neck and played Chrome .13’s and it wasn’t that hard.

  33. RAB says:

    The 11-48 set made a big tonal improvement on my Strat. And the strings aren’t that much harder to bend!

  34. Rob Montgomery says:

    This is my 1980 es-335 and it was given to me as a gift from my Mother 21 years ago, anyone know more about this year of re-issues. It’s an absolute Gem, and I’ve owned a number of 335’s over 45 years and a mid 60’s at one point…. but this is the best I’ve owned. It’s been re-fretted, otherwise it’s totally stock. I always wonder the value, and if this is a special era of re-issues? It’s not for sale, but always curious and love this page. Thanks, Rob

  35. cgelber says:

    The dot reissue wasn’t out in 1980. So, it’s probably an 81. You can tell by the serial number (year is first digit and fifth digit)
    The blondes have run up in value to around $3500 but the other colors (sunburst, red and black) can be bought for $1800-$2500 depending on condition. Blacks are not common but don’t seem to command a premium. I think they will eventually.

  36. JS says:

    My ’88 DOT, lovely guitar. Sold her to fund the ’62 Professional, no regrets, but I do miss her.

  37. RAB says:

    If a fiddle plays and sounds great and makes you happy what more can you ask for?

  38. JS says:

    A good health to enjoy it!

  39. RAB says:

    Right on!

  40. RAB says:

    Been gigging my ’59 reish hardtail Strat a lot. Light weight, plays and sounds good and if it gets dinged who cares! Putting a set of SVL ’59 Reserve pickups in it next…check out Matt Schofield’s tone!

  41. roger says:

    This is my ’69 that I bought in 1993 out of the recycler. The seller had a cherry 345 and walnut 355 for sale, so I took the 355. Had to remove the pickguard because it was outgassing and eating up the metal. You can see some of this corrosion on the neck pickup. The corrosion rendered it inoperable, but I have since repaired it. Just like on John Lennon’s Epiphone, the pickguard never made it back on the guitar, because it will just continue to outgas.I still have all the original metal components you see missing. I just thought it looks cleaner without them.
    That’s also my ’65 (or 67) vibrolux.

  42. RAB says:

    Happy 4th ‘o July folks! Hope that includes blastin’ some of your favorite tunes thru a vintage git-tar and amp!

  43. RAB says:

    OK new subject and I’d appreciate your input. I continue in my search for a fat, harmonically rich sounding overdrive. It is the only effect I use plugging into Blackface Fender amps set for a clean rhythm sound. Just use the OD for soloing. So far my long-owned early Barber Direct Drive (circa 2003, red LED located by the footswitch) is my favorite. Been thru so manY ODs including original TS-808s and KLONs…i prefer true bypass pedals. Looking forward to your comments!

  44. RAB says:

    Gulp! Someone must have a favorite “fat sounding” overdrive? Thanks folks!

  45. RAB says:

    To characterize the sound I seek I guess I’d say “sag” as opposed to crystal clarity or individual note transparency. I suppose a certain component of compression…

  46. RAB says:

    Trying other pedals…believe it or not, the under $30 Joyo pedals sound very good! Got the Hot Plexi and their version of the green tube screamer…made in China!

  47. RAB says:

    Anybody got any favorite height settings for your Strat’s pickups? I installed the SVL Vintage ’59s in my Strat and they sound really good. Got them set very low at present and thinking about raising them a tad. I play thru ’64 Blackface Fender amps set for a clean rhythm sound…thanks!

  48. RAB says:

    Set the pups at 2 mm all around..sounds good…whatcha think!

  49. RAB says:

    Measured from the bottom of the string to the top of the pickup polepiece…

  50. JS says:

    In commemoration of the 200. post here, I’d like to share a photo I took on a 35mm camera some time ago. Enjoy!

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