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If you have an old guitar that you’d like to sell, I might be interested in buying from you. For me to be interested, it should say “Gibson” on the headstock (where the tuners are) and it should look something like the guitars below. I buy every guitar of this type that comes to me provided it was built between 1958 and 1965 and we can come to an agreement on the price. I will help you date it if you are unsure. Usually, I will make you an offer based on the book value minus my usual markup and overhead. If you have a price in mind, it should not be based on a bunch of prices of unsold guitars you found on Ebay or Reverb. If I’m paying cash for your guitar today, please understand that you might be able to sell it for more than I offer you but it will likely take you a long time to do so. These guitars rarely sell overnight. You are, essentially, making a choice. You can sell it today for a fair wholesale price or you can try to sell it yourself  at a retail price. I pay you immediately. If you sell it on Ebay and you don’t know what you have, you could be selling it for thousands less than it is worth. There are also a lot of scammers out there who will take your guitar and not pay you. On the other hand, you could get more than I offer and it could happen very quickly. I urge you to try if you’re willing to do the homework and brave the open market because you will get more for it at retail. I am, however, the sure thing. If you can see a model name, I buy ES-335, ES-345, ES-355 guitars from 1958-1965. I may buy later guitars. It doesn’t hurt (or cost anything) to ask. I don’t buy any guitars made after 1985. I also may buy Gibson Les Paul models, SG models, Firebirds and archtops from before 1965. I occasionally buy Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters and Jazzmasters. I buy Fender tweed covered amps built between 1955 and 1961. Finally, I can help you sell it for yourself. I will sell your guitar for you on this site and my Gbase site and on Reverb and take a percentage of the final price. Just email me a description and a couple of photos if you can to

If your guitar looks sort of like this and says Gibson, I want it. This is an ES-335.

This is an ES-345 with a Bigsby tremolo tailpiece. It is typically worth a bit less than a 335 unless it is finished in natural like this one. The Bigsby tailpiece takes 25% off the value as well. I want these, too.

If you have an old one that looks like this or like this with a gold finish, I’m interested in that as well. This is a Les Paul model.

If you have one that looks like this and is old, I might be interested as well. This was also called a Les Paul model between 1961 and 1963 but was later called an SG. If you have one made between 1961 and 1965, I’ll be buying that too.

This is a "reverse" Firebird. If you have one that looks kind of like this (it can be one two or three pickups), I'll be interested in buying it. These were only made from 1963-1964 with a few shipped in 1965. It has been reissued. I am not interested in the reissues.

This is a “reverse” Firebird. If you have one that looks kind of like this (it can be one two or three pickups), I’ll be interested in buying it. These were only made from 1963-1964 with a few shipped in 1965. It has been reissued. I am not interested in the reissues.

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  1. okguitars says:

    As a vintage dealer, I have no idea. I think they are in the ballpark but doing research is pretty easy. Not as easy as asking me but do a search on Ebay and Reverb and see what they sell for.

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve been trying to get registered on your site for 40 min, and have become exasperated, so I’m trying this to contact you, lol!
    I don’t have anything to sell, but I DO have was is purported to be a 1968 Gibson ES-335 in black, with a narrow neck, an ebony board and MOP block inlays starting at the first fret.
    My room mate back in 1994 got it for his birthday from his father, and I bought it off him 10 years ago, and am just looking for information about it, as I saw a ’68 for sale locally and was astounded by the asking price. Mine is FAR from being in original condition, but I’m curious to see what it may be worth.

  3. RogerD says:

    Good afternoon:

    I have an ES-335 that I bought new in late 1967 or very, very early 1968.
    I’m the original owner, it’s in VG+~EX condition, never in the shop for any reason.
    Played a bit back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when we had family get togethers.
    Married in 1970 and playing ceased for the most part when our daughters were born.

    Nerve damage prevents play totally now so, interested in selling it.
    No dings, no nicks, no missing/worn through finish, no fading
    Market fluctuates quite a bit now but would consider an offer if you wish to make one.
    Not a fire sale but negotiable off current market value so you make a fair profit.
    The case that came with it is a light weight, cardboard type (dealer wanted an extra $150 for the ES Gibson case) and I couldn’t swing it back then.
    It still sounds great, plays as designed.

  4. okguitars says:

    Looks like a 68 (big f-holes). I’m not currently buying 335’s built after 65 but it shouldn’t be too hard to sell. Put a fair price on it and it will sell in a week.
    Put a crazy price on it and it will sit. Look at what other sellers are asking and put a lower price on it. Most sellers ask too much for their guitars.

  5. Bill Whalen (bill in kc) says:

    Hi Charlie,
    This is not a for-sale, but rather a sighting in the wild. At Music Gear in Independence, MO today a supposed 1959 ES-355. Mono, Bigsby, “Custom” truss rod cover, player grade with binding shrinkage, etc. Do you have this serial number in your list? Does it track as a 1959? It looks original to me, except a changed bridge. Says it is in the case. Formerly owned by Aunt or Grandma, it has been in the family since new. Brother-in-law offered 30k., and was accepted I’ll attach a few pics for backup. Label says serial A29816.

  6. okguitars says:

    That’s a 59 serial. I would question that finish though. It looks awfully rough for a 355. Even when old and oxidized they are usually very smooth. I can’t see much so I won’t definitely that its oversprayed or refinished. $30K is a fair price (but not a bargain) for a Bigsby 355 in excellent condition. I sold a 59 last month for $25,500 but it was a stereo.

  7. Greg Granton says:

    I have a 330 for sale and the serial number shows it as a 1961. Could you help me identify it? I can only send 1 pic. can you give me an email to send more?

    Thank you

  8. okguitars says:

    Other photos show this to be later than 61. Looks like somebody removed a digit from the serial number.

  9. Giulio says:


    I have a 1959 ES-345 in blonde. Only 50 were made. The only mods that were done were the stop tailpiece replaced in the 80s for a newer one that was not fading and the bridge metal string saddles were replaced with nylon. I am looking for those original parts if you have them. This guitar has gold colored trim. Serial number is A31894.

  10. okguitars says:

    The gold stop tail is a difficult part to find. I don’t have one right now. I have a few saddles but not a full set. I’ve owned five blonde 59 345’s
    all but one were in the A318xx range including A31895.

  11. Jim O'Donnell says:

    Hi Charlie,
    I have a ’65 (I think) ‘Iced Tea’ Sunburst 335 that I would describe as ‘player’s grade’ because it has Yamaha tuners and a stoptail with Bigsby holes where a Bigsby once lived. I’m wondering if you could confirm the year of the 335, and if you think it originally came with a Bigsby or was it installed at one point and then converted back to a stoptail. If the Bigsby was original, would you advise finding a period correct Bigsby and reinstalling? I know the Bigsbys are not as desirable but that would fix the ‘holes’ and I do like Bigsbys when playing live. Serial is 336718

  12. okguitars says:

    It’s kind of a tossup. The holes will decrease the value but so will the Bigsby and with the cost of a vintage Bigsby up over $1000, I’d leave it.

  13. Reneau Peurifoy says:

    I’m interested in selling an ES-335 that I purchased in 1968 or 69. I’ve attached a pictures of the label inside the F hole and the guitar. The frets are worn and there is some damage at the strap button on the back where the guitar was dropped when the strap slipped off. I’ve attached photos. Other than that, the guitar is in good shape. I have the original tailpiece that was on the guitar before I replaced it with the tremolo bar shortly after purchase. Let me know what you would offer for it.

  14. okguitars says:

    Send photos of the front, back, headstock and label to

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