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This '61 Dot Neck hasn't been played for 48 years. It has sat in its case in a closet since 1963. I put new strings on it after I took the photo. Nobody wraps the ball end in thread anymore. . I could have saved the old ones but that's just going a bit too far, don't you think? I have this baby in my hands and it is for sale. Read on and find out where it is.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be getting a little more commercial with this site. That doesn’t mean the valuable information will stop dead inits tracks and the message will be buy, buy, buy. Quite the contrary. I’ll show you what I have and tell you the backstory but it will be up to you to click the link to find out how much of your hard earned cash its going to take to take that baby home with you. There is a disturbing disdain for Capitalism around the internet and yet, the major use of said internet is for commerce. Yes, I’m a Capitalist. I sell stuff for more than I pay for it. But think about this: If you spend big bucks on a 64 ES-335 (they run from a low of $10K for a Bigsby model to over $25K for a mint stop tail) and you own it for a few years and then decide to sell it, will you then find out it was really a 67? If you buy it from an individual, you have a really good chance that exactly that will happen. If you buy it from a dealer, you have less of a chance of that happening. If you buy it from me, you have virtually no chance of that happening. I may mistake a 66 for a 67 or even an early 65 for a 64 but the difference in value is minimal in these cases. Gibson didn’t change its models on January first. I’m selling guitars based on their features-not their calendar year anyway. If I have a narrow necked 65 and a wide necked 65, you’re going to pay more for the wide necked one because its more desirable. Remember supply and demand from your Economics 101 course they made you take in college? Same deal applies to guitars. The point is that you are paying a premium for knowing what you’re getting. If you think I’ve priced something too high, shoot me an email and tell me why and we can negotiate. That’s how supply and demand works. I may tell you you’re nuts if you think you’re getting a ’61 dot neck for $10,000 but it doesn’t cost you anything to ask. All I can say is no (or “you’re nuts” or “stand back, son, you bother me”). So here’s your link to my store on Gbase. There isn’t that much there right now but I’ve got another 61 dot neck coming in, a 59 sunburst 345 and I’m hoping to snag an early 60’s ES 345 that looks close to mint. If you’re looking for a particular 335, 345 or 355, let me know and I’ll track one down for you. There’s never a finders fee. I’ll either point you to a guitar for sale or sell you one that I have in my stash or on my radar. ┬áIf you email me and I don’t get back right away, be patient-I’m not doing this full time. I have to keep my day job for awhile yet. And, of course, the nice folks from the Les Paul Forum are always welcome here. In fact, even the bozos there can stop by. The advice is still free.

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