Where’d They Go?

For some reason my last few posts aren’t showing up on the site. Not being a terribly web savvy old guy, I’ll have to take some time to figure this out. If any of my readers know why all of a sudden things won’t show up, let me know. They are here in the “dashboard” area of Word Press.  Also, I’m getting a ton of spam but only from particular pages. They all cleverly try to disguise their crap by saying something generic like “great post!! keep up the good work!!” or maybe “your site isn’t formatting for my iPhone” or something like that. It’s making this site even more time consuming than it already is, so any help from the reading public would be immensely appreciated. And for the spammers out there…how much Viagra can a man use? Is this what you think men really think about all the time? The ones who do think about it all the time are young and don’t need the Viagra. The old guys have got too many other things to worry about other than does my dick work. So take your your pathetic get rich scheme somewhere else. Or, at least take the time to read what I write. Comment on something relevant and I’ll actually post your comment. Otherwise, find another sucker.

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