Good-bye, LPF

I’m not a big user of the many guitar forums on the internet but I’ve spent the most time on the LPF (Les Paul Forum). Since there aren’t enough ES-335 enthusiasts to sustain a similarly targeted place for ES aficionados, I hung out in the “Other Gibsons” area of the LPF. There are some very knowledgeable and friendly folks who frequent that forum and I rather enjoyed some of the spirited interplay between folks with “differing” opinions on all sorts of topics. I learned a lot as well. Lately, it seems I’ve been taking a little more than my fair share of abuse from of the forum regulars. I don’t plan to defend myself here other than to say that I’ve never mentioned any guitar being for sale in a post on the LPF. The accusation is that I “pump and dump” i.e. I hype a particular guitar, then sell it for an inflated price as a result of pumping it up. While its true that I sell some of the guitars I post over there, I don’t reference or link to Ebay or TGP or anywhere else. I run a link to this blog which, up until now, I’ve tried to keep relatively commercial free. Well, now that I’m not posting on the LPF, this site will become somewhat more commercial. I will mention which guitars I have acquired are for sale in the posts. I won’t turn it into a dealers website and I’ll ¬†continue the informational stuff as I always have. I’ll continue the Ebay ES of the week. And, I’ll be adding a new feature called “Road Trip” which will chronicle my adventures in searching and buying vintage ES’s around the corner and around the world. If the guitar is purchased off of Ebay, I’ll talk about what I knew going in, what I found out from the seller and what actually was delivered to me. In the event the guitar was bought off of Ebay, I’ll call the feature something other than “Road Trip”-I just have to think of a catchy name. Like “Somebody Bet on the Bay” or something. If you’re less than 40 years old or you have no interest in American folk music, that’s a line from “The Camptown Races” by Stephen Foster (doo-dah, doo-dah). Anyhow, this actually frees me up a bit to talk about a lot more personal experiences with the guitars I find without the fear of sounding too much like I’m trying to sell them. The truth is, I’m trying to sell them. Some of the people on the LPF seem to feel that anyone who makes any money on a vintage guitar must be a lowlife (unless it’s their guitar, of course). I am a hobby dealer. I am dedicated to seeking out and finding the best ES 335, 345’s and 355’s out there, buying them, making sure they are what they are supposed to be, changing out non vintage or incorrect parts for the correct parts (and disclosing that fact) and selling them for a profit. If it goes well, maybe it will turn into less of a hobby. I sure enjoy getting out there and meeting nice people and trying to make a deal that works for everyone. I do promise you one thing: I will buy the best guitars out there and sell them to you for more than I paid for them. If it was easy to figure out what year and what model someone has and what’s right or wrong with a particular guitar, you wouldn’t need me. But, before you spend as much as $75,000 on an ES-335, you might want someone who knows a thing or two about them to take a look at it or at least weigh in on the price. That would be me. When I can, I’ll also price my guitars for the real world which will probably annoy some of the big dealers who think it’s still 2007. It’s true, however, that sometimes you have to pay top dollar to get the best of the best. As always, advice is still free.

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