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For those of you who just want to know more about 335’s and their brethren, don’t read this. This is me being self-serving by letting you know that I’ve totally sold out and now have a Twitter account. That’s kind of a pain in the ass for me but it can be good for you if you happen to be looking for a particular guitar. I am tweeting my new acquisitions in order to give my readers a crack at them before they go up on this site and Gbase and possibly Ebay. That’s pretty much all I’m going to do with Twitter at this point. I won’t be tweeting when I decide what to make for dinner. I won’t be tweeting that I’m going out to walk the dog. I won’t be tweeting about my life and times. Just guitars that show up on my doorstep that might be of interest to you. I don’t like being overly commercial on this site, so I figured Twitter was a good way to let everyone know what I have to sell. So, if you want to, click on the “follow me” box on the upper right and all you’ll get is a tweet when something interesting shows up or I get a line on a guitar that you folks might be interested in. It’s still mostly 335’s and 345’s but the occasional SG and Firebird might make a guest appearance and maybe an Epiphone or two from the Gibson era. Tomorrow, I’ll write the post I was going to do for today which was a blind comparison of a trap tail with a stop tail since I rarely have trap tails in the house. Should be fun and illuminating. Tweet, tweet, tweet. Oh, how the mighty have fallen and besides, I’m way too old for all this unbridled hipness. Pretty soon there will be a guitar reality show where I go around to local dumps picking up discarded guitars. I can call it “Guitar Pickers”. That oughta get a laugh.

4 Responses to “Don’t Read This”

  1. RB says:

    Hey, I kind of like your idea … of traveling high and low (and lower), for a reality show called “Guitar Pickers”.

  2. OK Guitars says:

    It’s all written up and ready to pitch. I’ve been in the TV business for 30 odd years as an editor, director and designer but not as a salesman. The problem is that the guitars I find seem to come in bunches. Then I go weeks with nothing. The moment you show up with a camera crew in tow, the price of the gorgeous “unda da bed” guitar goes up. I’ve bought at least 6 guitars that are perfect “Guitar Pickers” material in the past six months. That 61 dot neck that sat in a closet for 50 years, the rare as hen’s teeth red 59 345, the 64 345 that belonged to Sinatra’s guitar player, the blue Trini (on Ebay) and a few other with great backstories would make pretty good television. We would just have to get the executives to buy into a middle aged, balding and cantankerous host. Me. If anyone figures to steal the idea, it’s registered already, so don’t or you will get to know my attorney (whom they lovingly call “Jaws” for obvious reasons).

  3. RB says:

    Okay, granted you’ll have a lot of editing to condense weeks of high and low picking into a single 1 hour episode … but that’s the magic of TV.

    And why limit the picking to just vintage electric guitars … widen the search to include vintage acoustic guitars, mandolins, and banjos. And during your travels you could stop in for visits and show-n-tells with well known dealers in the area. Have we talked about T-shirt sales yet? And who’s going to play the part of Danielle Colby Cushman?

  4. OK Guitars says:

    I think its an excellent idea but the TV folks I’ve mentioned it to think there isn’t a big enough audience. hello? There are 20 million players in the US alone and, according to the BBC, more than 50 million worldwide. I have the knowhow to make the show but I don’t have the relentless drive to get it sold. I’m not much of a self promoter.

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