Thanks to All

My wife and I spent the past week as refugees with friends who don’t live anywhere near the ocean. While there was considerable destruction inland and lots of power outages, we were fortunate to have friends who never lost power, didn’t care how long we stayed and how much of their food we ate. But it goes beyond that. I received dozens of emails and texts from readers I’ve never met and that’s a very nice thing-people who asked about my family, my house and, of course, my guitars. I am grateful and appreciative of that. The good news is that the biggest casualty was my lawnmower and all my sports equipment. I forgot that my rollerblades, my ice skates and all the snorkel gear were stored in a cabinet in the garage. You would also think that a little seawater wouldn’t hurt stuff that’s used in seawater like snorkels and fins-not true. It’s the mud… Good thing I don’t forget where the guitars are stored. I’ve never seen mud like this. It’s very fine textured and turns into cement when it dries. I’m told it’s kind of toxic as well, probably because of all the crap they dump into Long Island Sound. It’s everywhere. It covers most of the back lawn and was 5 inches deep under the house in the crawl space (I don’t have a basement). Fortunately it didn’t get into the ductwork under the house. We have friends who have been given an estimate of $50,000 to replace their ductwork after it was flooded. Apparently, it isn’t enough to clean them-you have to replace them due to mold issues. Tomorrow, I’ll get back to guitars and, with any luck, we won’t have another big storm for a few years, although I’m told there’s a Nor’easter coming on Wednesday with high winds, heavy rain and high tides. Coastal living is really nice most of the time. Especially if you’re a duck.

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  1. RAB says:

    Charlie, thanks for the update and glad to hear things are getting back to normal…if you want a new topic maybe feature Golden Era Epiphone ES guitars? I have a certain ’62 Riviera in-mind if you are interested (smile…)

  2. Markus says:

    pleased to hear you’re ok !

  3. Dave Sebastian says:


    I’m a regular reader of your site. I didn’t realize you were so close to the coast line and am glad to hear that you escaped this relatively in tact.

    1964 335, w/ stoptail,
    1970 335, a nice player

    Sorry, couldn’t resist!


  4. Paul says:

    Your blonde Es 355 is fantastic. Could you send me more pictures please?

    The whole site is one of my favourite also. Very well done.

    All the best



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