It Takes a Train…

This will be the new home of OK Guitars-at "The Caboose" in Kent, CT. I will be open weekends starting June 15th and during the week by appointment for now.

This will be the new home of OK Guitars-at “The Caboose” in Kent, CT. I will be open weekends starting June 15th and during the week by appointment for now.

Everybody said “don’t do it.” Everybody said “you’ll be sorry.” Everybody said “you’ll have no life.” Everybody is probably right. So I went ahead and did it anyway. As of around June 15th, there will be an actual OK Guitars shop that you can come to and play all of the great guitars that you see on my site. The location of OK Guitars is 11 Railroad Street in Kent, CT better known as “The Caboose.” Yep. OK Guitars is in a caboose. On a railroad track. When you think about it, how many types of businesses could actually work in a railroad car? Fortunately, guitars are pretty thin so a narrow space works just fine. The shop will be open on weekends for the Summer – Friday/Saturday/Sunday and by appointment any other time so if you happen to be driving up Rt 7 in Western CT and you want to come by, just give a call or drive the 50 yards or so off the main road and see if I’m there. If I’m there, I’m open. I’ll post my hours on the site once I figure them out. I’ll be keeping it small and still concentrating on the ES models from the Golden Era but I’ll be expanding a bit into other guitars from the 50’s and 60’s. A Strat here, a Tele there, maybe a Rickenbacker or a Mosrite might show up. That’s nothing new, really-I’ve had a few of each most of the time. The internet business will continue unchanged, of course. One of the reasons for taking this unlikely step is that it’s very hard to buy a guitar without playing it first. If you’re anywhere near New York, it’s a real nice day trip out into the country. If you’re driving, figure on 90 minutes to two hours depending on traffic. There is a train (Wingdale Station on the Harlem Line) that’ll get you close-then a 15 minute cab ride. Granted, I don’t expect my California or European clients to make a 3000 mile trip every time they are interested in a guitar but I think if you’re going to spend some serious money on a dot neck, you might be wise to make the trip and try a few. And besides, it’ll be fun. The Litchfield Hills (where Kent is) is a beautiful place. The Housatonic River runs through it as does the Appalachian Trail. There’s kayaking and hiking and Kent Falls and lots of guys on motorcycles. I’m looking at it as a grand adventure. So, c’mon down to “The Caboose” in beautiful Kent, CT. Play a few guitars, make some music, find out that I write better than I play-you know, fun stuff. Then go out for a hike. You could use the exercise and the fresh air will do you good. Just like your Mom always told you.

Kent Falls is right up the road.

Kent Falls is right up the road.

10 Responses to “It Takes a Train…”

  1. Rob says:

    How cool. I love “train” songs. Kept a rollin’, smokestack lightning etc. I will Google Earth you and maybe we’ll stop on by en route to a R.I. trip. Assume the car is climate-controlled.

  2. Danny says:

    Looks amazing. Best of luck. I wish I lived in the area…should be a pretty cool shop!

  3. dan says:

    Congrats on your new endeavor, can’t wait to visit this summer at some point. I know that area well, I worked in Kent all through high school and college – you’ll enjoy the pizza next door at KP (make sure to get the large pie with square slices!).

    That caboose used to have an art store in it – nice to see that it’s staying way upscale for us ES-3×5 fans ;).

    Best of luck!

  4. Ashley Major says:

    Looks beautiful Charlie, and the shop is super cool. Good luck. Ashley.
    NB. BIG padlocks.

  5. RAB says:

    …and maybe that ’59, big-necked ES-355 factory mono and stop tailpiece is hiding in a nearby barn, waiting to be rescued!

  6. chuckNC says:

    Looks great, Charlie! Lucky for you I live too far away to drop by. Cause I would. Totally, all the time. You’d have to give me a great deal on a PAF semi just to get rid of me ;-). Wish you the best with it….and hope you can still have some kind of a life outside the caboose.

  7. stefan says:


  8. Bob says:

    Neat shop! Looks rather more like a railway express car, however,
    than it does a caboose. Caboose is, OTH, a more descriptive word.

  9. cgelber says:

    True. It is actually a former mail car but everybody in town refers to it as “The Caboose”.

  10. RC9 says:

    Do any fishing? The Trout and Smallmouth on the Hous-y are great.

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