Liberte´, Egalite´, Fraternite´

French flag

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  1. Kerry says:

    Merci, Charlie. Vive la France.

  2. RAB says:

    Yes, the sad events in Paris help put our priorities in perspective. We love our music, and the vintage instruments that help us to create it. Music nourishes our souls. The cowardly individuals responsible for these heinous terrorist acts have lost their humanity and have no soul. The nirvana they seek is empty and hollow…I played a bit of a slow Blues in F for our French brothers and sisters on my ’62 Epiphone Riviera, peace, RAB

  3. Bernard says:

    Thanks to everyone, the fight is going on at 8h30 this morning. I was planning to collect my new 59 ri 330(213 I guess), but I’m earlly not in the mood, I’ll wait a few days, maybe weeks; (the deposit is done). Stay tune on the LPF about that one.
    I had a beautifull 12 days stay in NYC in mid October, beautifull weather we met very nice & helpfull people, including a night at the Iridium( Nightawks & Bob Margolin) and a trip to Southside guitars.I can’t wait to to get back there.
    Thanks again, let’s hope for the best but the fight is far from over.
    Love to eveyone, Bernard

  4. Philippe says:

    Hi Charles, good morning America,

    I and us, all the people of France, send all our gratitude and many thanks for your support.
    here we are at a breaking point with our immigrates from magreb and middle-east and the hunting course is actually continuing as you will see on TV.

    Hate is not necessary to be successful in that war, hoping this is not a civil war.
    Some of those immigrates do not admit the french flag on the front of houses all over the country, even if they benefit of the welfare state, it seems that they are not french at all.

    Houston###houston###we’ve got a problem…

    Many loves and kisses from overseas.
    do not put down your guitars, play and play it again and again.

  5. Fabien says:

    Merci ! J’habite paris et ca fait du bien de voir que l’on est soutenu à travers le monde !

    Thank You ! I’m living in Paris and that’s really good to receive support through the world !

    I’m reading your blog since 2 years. It’s so instructing that it’s also the occasion to me to thank you for your awesome articles. The dark side is that you’ve “open the door” and i’m totally felt in love of these high priced guitars when I tried a ’63 355… Life could be short(ened by some little bastards…) , so when I come in your great country, I will come see your Ali Baba ‘s Cave .

    Peace and Rock’n’Roll


  6. cgelber says:

    Ali Baba wishes he had this stuff in his cave.

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